Giant Mine Remediation Project

Giant Mine is located within the boundaries of the City of Yellowknife, where it operated from 1948 to 2004. The site reverted to the Crown when owner Royal Oaks Mine went into receivership in 1999.

At present, the mine is considered one of the most contaminated sites in Canada. To address concerns about arsenic and other contamination, the Giant Mine Remediation Project was established. The main objectives of the Giant Mine Remediation project are to minimize public and worker health and safety risks; minimize the release of contaminants from the site to the surrounding environment; remediate the site in a manner that instils public confidence; and, implement an approach that is cost-effective and robust over the long term.

Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (previously Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada) and the Government of the Northwest Territories are the co-proponents of the Giant Mine Remediation Project.

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