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Yellowknives Dene First Nation

Yellowknives Dene First Nation are descendants of Tetsǫ́t’ıné (“copper or metal people”), the indigenous Chipewyan-related people living around Great Slave Lake and referred to in exploration and fur trade records as Copper Indians, Yellowknife Indians, Red-Knife Indians, Couteaux Jaunes, etc. These names all refer to the copper tools we were using when first encountered by Europeans. Some members of the Łutsel K’e Dene First Nation of Łútsëlk’é, and the Deninu K’ue First Nation of Fort Resolution, are also descendant from the Tetsǫ́t’ıné.

North Slave Métis Alliance

The North Slave Métis Alliance (NSMA) is a non-profit society that represents the Aboriginal rights-bearing Métis people of the Northwest Territories, who primarily exercise their Aboriginal rights north and east of Great Slave Lake.The NSMA is vitally concerned with the protection, preservation, and sustainable use of its traditional lands and resources. With that in mind, the NSMA is committed to principles of economic sustainability, environmental stewardship, and self-determination in respect to its traditional lands and resources.

Information on Giant Mine Remediation

Giant Mine Monster

Giant Mine

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