Trivia Workshop

Four, 10-minute trivia games were created to build knowledge and awareness among local youth around topics relating to the ongoing YKHEMP, the legacy of Giant Mine, and some common metals of concern, in a fun and interactive way. These games can easily be integrated into your lesson plan, used as a fun break, or be provided as a resource for substitute teachers.

All you need is a projector or large screen. Trivia is available on Kahoot! if your class has access to devices, or on Google Slides if you want to play trivia with pen and paper.

Links to these games, along with important teacher resources, and curriculum connections, can be found below.


Kahoot Trivia
Google Slides Trivia
Teacher Resources
Teacher Feedback Form

Curriculum connections

Science 7:
– Interactions and Ecosystems
– Planet Earth

Science 8:
– Mix and Flow of Matter
– Cells and Systems
– Freshwater and Saltwater Systems

Science 9:
– Environmental Chemistry

Social Studies: